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China's major mountain ranges and the highest summary table - Windows Live

Baodugu. .

zaozhuang 20 kilometres north of the city, the mountains, endless, in the mountains, a Peak gongwei outgrowth of the spectacular, especially the top portion of the recorded shenjin, Yuzhu Kinte that how bad can it GEt, this is is a small mountain river to the South of baodugu. Former baodugu shocked by the Republic of China and the first case, the well known today, because of the State forestry approved as national forest park, the local Government has accelerated the pace of development and construction. At present, an ancient Samuel Cang Cedar structured, natural landscape and landscape picturesque National Park in its embryonic form, once again by the Chinese and foreign tourists and scholars of concern.

Baodugu Mountain Home Yimeng the first 72 Gu, Shan Gu unexpected, like a lofty crown seated GEntleman, so called "Chun-shan." Baodugu Gu Dao Pi ax as the rock around the top, flat top. According to "yi county" records: once there is a old man named Wang Bao Du farming on it, then go for named Bao Du Xian Shan, baodugu the name of a mountain by the Baodu derived. .

[FACE = Arial] Yishan [/FACE].

Zoucheng city located in Yishan, 10 km southeast of Office, because of its unique natural beauty and rich cultural heritaGE, famous throughout China. Since this ancient, praise for innumerable: the different conditions which do not view non-person can not express. On its high, Mount Yishan only slightly stronGEr than one-third, are not considered towering tall; of its area and perimeter, and the Taishan Yishan languaGE is not the same. However, its compact Yishan has the body, refined the state, set the male Taishan, Huangshan Church, Mountain of insurance in one form a unique style of beautiful nature. Its structural layout, since transforms; the venue and different landscape, mysterious own; end to end with care, ups and downs.Or imaGE, the new class, or grass snake gray lines, horizontal cloud break area. Plus the mist Misty, lyrical expressiveness; cloud line rain, photo call dreams. Compared to the Suzhou gArdens "mountain sill, 3 years, even when the best of nature's uncanny! mountain for thousands of rock was show, dinner, valleys, impressive view of the health of the artificial Hill. The mountain is beautiful, the welcome is its singular stone, caves and springs, rock carvings and mythology. Stone, million-will South beauty, such as the size of the whole eggs, to heap is the millions of outstanding service. Yi of Panlong bell rock, the sharp lower abundance, such as the bell without Inference, clip and suspended the three stone, three feet off the ground without any relaxation, people stand under the bell to hand on the, fAntastic, visitors were all amazed Heavenly Creator outstanding service; cave Ling Long Mastery, 1000 states stricken by several pieces of rock, which formed a circular stone Qingqi hidden Cave, You Dong far-reaching, has his own infinite, he can not show hills and contained; 9 stone Yi Lian, "Yi hole" accessible, Quan Liu Ding Dong, when northeasterly or southwesterly winds, the surGE up the springs.To win the most Mannan pool, pool Water clear, very sweet taste, not full, round, thousands of people to drink, was, indeed, supernatural; ancient stone wall, a feast for the eyes, through the masters, is the historical and cultural treasure in the open. Formerly called "Qin tablet", the new nation treasures carved the words "AO" to win most of the world's characters, amazing road; Yi women made cherry, Jiro Dan Hill, PA Kua, the Jade Emperor Fuxi art history, myths, anecdotes and stories, with numerous examples. Because of its singular, Yishan has long been known as a "Dai Nam wonders," and "country show" spirit. "Seeking beauty world tour, yi Peak towering pride sky alone." Yishan, with its unique scenery attracted the emperor emperor, Liu Bang, Li Shimin, Emperor Zhao Kuang, the emperor Qianlong, etc.. The literati poet such as Confucius, Mencius, Zhuang Zi, Sima Qian, Li Bai, Du Fu, Su Shi, Lu You, Zhao Meng-fu, Zheng Banqiao, are also tirelessly to yi visit secluded adventure has plenty of good poetry calligrapHY.Yishan, because there are more than two thousand years of cultural heritaGE, and the unique natural landscape, can be said to be jam-packed, when you're lucky enough to visit, you will see what is a natural beauty, you'll find this tour is a fun in mind.

Wulian Hill. .

Wulian mountain scenic area is located on the southeast coast of Nova, wulian column, the towering clouds, such as Lotus received first place, is surrounded by five even Peak elevation 515. .7 m, 28 all-mountain Peaks, qifeng, beautiful, beautiful rock formations in the Northern great writers have praised the Hill of Su Dongpo "hills in rather Yandang". 1988 "scenic area, 1993 was approved as a provincial forest park and provincial nature reserve. Dense veGEtation on the Hill. Ming Court funding the construction of the "bright huguo Wanshou Temple is exuberant, is one of the four famous temples in Shandong province.

Wulian scenic spot with convenient transportation and knocking down the mountain to the county official town 28 kilometers to the north by the county Zhucheng 68 km, 113 km from Weifang, Rizhao City, 35 kilometers south to Lianyungang 145.5 km east Jiaonan 90 km, 150 km north-east to Qingdao, 83 kilometers west of Ju County, 346 kilometers from Jinan. Provincial lee (lee County Wulian Singapore) Hao (Hao Jiaonan Beach) Road through Wulian Hill, Jiuxian Shan over the northern foot of the west, State Road, smoke (YAntai) Swatow (Shantou) highway, provincial Central (Hanting District Weifang City Central sub) Gan (Jiangxi elm) Road. East and State Road gum (Jiaozhou) New (new pump) highways.There are scenic surroundings, Northeast Rushan. lee

Hao Lu was cardinal points toward the south knock (knock official) Wang (Wang Tuan) Road, was east-west, west, Pine (Bo) Wang (Wang Tuan) showed a north-south road. .

Kunyu Mountain National Forest Park.

In the eastern end of Shandong Peninsula, with a grand and Song Zhi Jun mountains - Kunyu. It is located in YAntai, Weihai, the junction of the two places, an area of 48 square kilometers. Top Thai Bo main Peak elevation of 923 meters, the highest Peak on the peninsula. Kunyu radius of hundred miles, rolling mountains, majestic, mountainous Emerald, deep valleys, dense forests, ancient trees, Waterfalls and more with springs, all over the cultural relics, according to leGEnd Penglai, Yingzhou, abbot of three fairy mountains are there Kunyu derived, known as the "Sea Spirit Mountain of Zu," said. .

Taoist kunyu Shan is a historically famous mountains to Taoism "them" birtHPlace of the famous at home and abroad.

Kunyu is a museum of natural ecology, flora and fauna is rich in resources, up more than a thousand species of plant varieties, wolf, deer and other animals more than 200 kinds of birds. With the North Korean pine, fir thorn in southern Xinjiang, the former. .

Years of aGE, the Gingko and more than 300 years old, the King of the North Magnolia forest coveraGE up to 82%. 28 years of missed chemical pesticides no pest, the ecological balance. Here, the great forests, landscape to evolve the boundless, exotic, colorful seasons. In the spring, green grass, bloom, spring, and the most suitable season; made in midsummer,, cool, clear pools, Waterfalls, mountain spring, summer and during the summer, and autumn Opti, mountain, red berries, cenglinjinran liuxiang is fresh, red, Golden season; winter snow, ice and snow, Wanli, concept, products renowned rime binggua game. Park ecological advAntaGEs, Water clean, elegant environment, climate, clean air, high anion is a natural oxyGEn bar in northern rare, is the original, pure natural, pollution-free eco-tourism is leisure and living, close to nature to understand the biological ideal, it is like a shining pearl inlaid in the Jiaodong green earth. At present, the Kunyu Mountain National Forest Park has launched a five larGEst tourist attractions, opening up the forest view. .

Kowloon pool.

Light, forest health, forest bath, spa, rehabilitation, vacation, science studies, rock climbing expedition, Taoism and other projects. .

Walk into kunyu mountain, nature, the infinite joy and pleasure. Beautiful kunyu mountain look forward to your visit.

Jiulong Chi scenic. .

Kunyu mountain in the North, there are about 100 m high cliff walls, Center ladder column 9 two natural rock pool, larGE diameter 6 m, depth of 3 meters, tail swing some starter waist in the Northeast, to the South, a dragon mountains. Born to the wonderful, danGErous. LeGEnd has it that in ancient times there were nine dragons violated the "Heaven" is reduced. Pool Water clear, all year long flow, spring-time trickle trickle, the moondown Giotto; summer time Waterfall rushing splash, wind shock suspension flow like a colorful Dragon, its torrent dashes down Niagara, like spreading the spectacular snow. Waterfalls of great rarity in Shandong province. The main attractions are Jiulong Pu, Dragon King Temple, the Dragon King Court, Old papaya, Tianchi, Seno stone. .

Tae Bo top attractions.

Top Thai Bo, altitude 923 m, highest Peak on the peninsula, towering Peaks, imposing upright, grand and Jun, towering high steep. Thai Bo rumored name is taken from the top of the pulse and the magnificent Mount meaning. Teng very top, considerable Yellow Sea, cloud. .

Sea, Sun, mountains and city landscape. The main attractions are: the Lotus pond, cuckoo hillside, Eco-Museum, Water Curtain Cave, natural oxyGEn, cabins, renowned restaurants, qilu first eco Fitness tour road, etc..

Natural oxyGEn in the air is fresh, high levels of negative ions, it is a smooth breathing, blood pressure, promote metabolism, enhance immunity, the treatment of heart disease, coronary heart disease, mental stability and so has a special effect, is the best place for Fitness regimen, particularly summer, oxyGEn bar area where the temperature lower than the other is about 6 degrees, known as the "natural air conditioning." .

Tae-bo on top of the scenic hills, dense, lush green forest, very quiet. At the same time, the biological resources of the teaching and research. Has become an inside and outside the province for more than 20 colleGEs of medicine, GEology, biology, art, etc.-practice base.

Haze hole scenic spot. .

Haze for abrupt rock natural nature are Taoist's birtHPlace. Jin for seven years (1167), xianyang Taoist Wang chongyang, zhongnan mountain prentices preached in haze, the a new sectarian them, such as Chuji, known as the "live" on the sea. Today, Jin Yong's martial arts leGEnd of the Condor Heroes "go" in the "sons" of the stone, bronze tablet, Tablet, Dan wells containing, "truth" Tomb protection intact.

Yue Gu Temple Scenic Area. .

Yue Gu Temple originally jianchang Magu, North sect Falun local affairs, as well as six years (1116), edict of Emperor Huizong granted Magu "real reality", with no help from the tablet. Since Magu's award-winning local worship and to her as a long, healtHY, intelliGEnt, honest, a symbol of purity. Magu immortal, Kim Dae-dating, her found here is immortal aggressiveness, so practicing resort from mountain to move in. Then, build-in-Gu Hall of the temple, 72, 108 existing sites and monuments Chiseled, new fix Magu Temple, the temple, the temple, Choi Yuelao Temple. Another attraction Magu altars, Magu graves, Chui kunyu Diez, huaquan, Pik-kiosk, etc..

Temple, no staining. .

Non-staining monastery built in the Eastern Han Huandi Yongkang, temples are old as the first temple, the existing site. The main attractions are the King, the Queen Mother North Magnolia wash foot basin, Emerald pool, fairy pools 18 TAM, the entire Pacific abyss 幽 sell River GorGE, with numerous fascinating bedrock Valley, the river bed and smooth rocks, such as jade, limpid streams flowing, shimmering, because mountain slopes vary, resulting in thousands of attitude million State of the pond, Waterfall. A particularly spectacular in summer, when the Valley sides cuifeng Sau ling, forest birds, flowery complements, like paradise. Mineral bath, summer is the best choice. Here you can really enjoy the winding path of the fun. .


Jinggangshan in the Hunan-Jiangxi border, Luoxiao the middle, tall mountains, terrain, the main Peak in 1000 m above sea level, surface elevation 2120 m Peak south wind. .

Jinggangshan scenic, by GEographical region is divided into eight areas, each area is divided into several attractions. They are:.

1, Ciping area: Ciping, fruit and flowers, five horses overturned. .

II. world attractions: world, Hill, Oi.

3, Longtan scenic spot: slim, Longtan, Lion face. .

Fourth, the main attraction: the five Peaks, nozzle, double Ma Shi, Peng soo San.

5, Beacon Hill area: cinnabar red, yellow Au, Beacon Hill. .

VI. paulownia RidGE Scenic: tambourines paulownia RidGE, flag, stone cave o..

7, Hunan Island Scenic Spot: Toad only to fall, Yan Ling Cheung (not development). .

8 cents estuary scenic area: chessboard stone, washed, Water buffaloes (not development) island.

Culai Mountain. .

Culai Mountain National Forest Park is located in the hinterland of Shandong province, North of Mount 20 km, with sister mountain, also known as South Mountain, 30 km south of Qufu, the birtHPlace of Western culture by Dawenkou, has a total area of 20 km 25 million mu, the main Peak altitude 1027 metres, is the larGEst in Shandong province in forest park. Culai, traffic is very convenient, East defense 0 9 road wear Hill, North of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Pro mountain, West Jingfu Expressway, jinpu railway there through the trunk highway 30 km, linking the main--Pacific Crest, and have access to the attractions of the branch line. Many historical sites here, leGEnd king cutting Lu Jun Zhang in the military camp. Lao Tzu, Confucius also met this mountain talk, built Shing Temple, Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai had Culai Mountain seclusion. Culai Mountain is Taoism, Buddhism Holy Land, alleGEdly "Taishan mother" home is Culai mountains, ancient temples and ruins than 30, very rich cultural connotations, inscriptions, Stele of many, especially the "big Sutra", "Wave Romy by "famous Stone of Mount Tai Yu" magic by "with out one.Culai is Shandong armed upRising against the revolutionary sites with Xu xiangqian Marshal wrote the stele of armed upRising monument "anti-Japanese", is the province's patriotism education base. Culai mountain scenery and pleasant, is after the founding of the national advanced artificial afforestation of one of the dense forests, majestic mountain Peaks, rugGEd, silk around the Internet. A thousand years ancient, ancient cypress, gingko, wisteria, qifeng is famous for its "swing", "a class of its own Summit", "noble Peak", etc., are more stranGE, caves, mountain spring, they dawen River surround three sides culai mountain. Taishan have sunrise, sunset Culai hills, are "the eight wonders of Tai," one of the "Book of Songs," recorded with "The Song Sorai." Sorai mountain plants, birds, mammals, many valuable medicinal herbs, constitute a complete system of nature, living in Culai Mountain, back to nature feeling arises spontaneously. As the vast Culai Mountain, Water, soil, climate unique construction can be developed here, the potential advAntaGE of tremendous. After years of construction, Culai Mountain National Forest Park has been equipped with food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment of the one-stop service capabilities. Culai Mountain sincerely welcome domestic and foreign guests visit Culai Mountain, enjoy the beautiful nature. .


Mengshan, located in Shandong Province Mengyin County (because of the yin Mengshan Department named the Western Han Dynasty home county) south, things hung out, stretching over a hundred years, the main Peak altitude of 1156 meters, the second Peak in Shandong Province, Su said, " Ya Dai. " National Forest Park in December 1994 by the former Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of the National Tourism Administration, in June 1995 by the Shandong Provincial People's Government as a "provincial scenic spots", in September 2002 by the Provincial Tourism Bureau awarded as "Shandong Ten new attractions province. " .

Now the national AAAA level tourist area. The Park occupies 5. .5 million acres of diverse natural resources. Have a wild animal: 10 Division of 15 species of mammals, birds, 76 28, 100 Bureau 900 plants, veGEtation coveraGE up to 95 percent, "Barry, natural classroom". The Center for studies of Chinese Academy of ecological monitoring, scenic air concentration of negative ions per cubic centimeter 854167, 195 times in Beijing, the country, the Centre has the highest measured values. Known as the "natural oxyGEn bar", "ultra-clean areas", as "Best Green Fitness resort." National Forest Park, is a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, the averaGE temperature of 12. .8 Degrees Celsius, and frost-free period 196 days, averaGE. .

998 mm of precipitation, seasons, mild climate, abundant rainfall, there have always been pouring rain "72 field" that formed a world of harmony, eco-a virtuous circle. Park hills, Water, forests, big and small, high and low, moving and static, life and non-living, organic level consolidation makes plants and stones are perfect in spots. , StranGE, unique, rare, handsome and simple, all from nature, but also with natural. Ancient mountains, small forest cover, incense, flowers and birds, den hoof, soothing sound of the Fold-down, make people returned to nature.

National Forest Park, the Peaks rise, several overlapping Peaks, Shen Jian around, called as the "72 Peak", "99 valley", 36 holes. "Scenic spots including the Water Curtain Cave is the rain king, Yun Meng Feng, flowers valley, old Longtan, sides are six scenic spots, with Mengshan Emerald, Mozart Ruby Chao, Mengshan Waterfalls, Mengshan sea of clouds, sunrise Mengshan, Mengshan Tingtao, Mengshan Autumn, Xuefeng Tamatani eight natural landscape. 水帘洞 have been developed, and the rain king, the size of cloud Mongolia Peak day Peak pot, Xifeng Hill, Mengshan reclining Buddha, Mengshan ape, Shao Luojiazhai, Mengshan dragon, Baizhang Ya, Bath people, Xian Chi and other sites more than 180.Where the Water Curtain Cave falls (also known as China falls: the hanging cliffs like Chinese territory) is extremely rare in the three North cascade falls and fall up to 60 m, fly away, such as Galaxy, magnificent, majestic and upside down. Located in the upper left mengshan stack Waterfall baizhang cliff top nature an arched door, leGEnd has it that this hole open for five hundred years, when the collapse of earth day. LeGEnds and ghosts popular Xian Wang Chan ancestors that in practice the aspect. Warring strategist Sun Tzu's culture, Wei GEneral Pangjuan, right here on the art and Zen with the King of the ancestors. Rain Temple is located at an altitude of 850 meters of the col, built in the Jin Mingchang years, strong incense, the bells of time, the resorts of Taoist culture. Rain Temple There are three treasure the memory: the Millennium Polygonum, when the temple was built in, roots lonGEr than the temple base, such as the basin mouth diameter, such as the human form, male and female pairs; Jiangbei first fir, 300 years ago by Taoist implAntation, in Jiangbei unique, is now Forest Institute research projects; eight hundred years old well, never too dry, Water Qinglie Gan Shuang, because the essence of sun and the moon sets, poly Aura world can Qubing addition to disaster, lonGEvity, regarded as a "Shen Shui . "Cloud William Peak, there were three Peaks, the second Peak combinations, are arranGEd in the Southeast, Northwest direction. Three mountain on a "mountain" in the font column, called stand Shandong "mountain" and the source of the word. Ming Ding Yang, a writer of the public sits on top of the cloud mask very zan says: "the highest Peak is Mount Meng, there are tens of thousands of heavy smoke, I stand with the first Peak, but the number from the sky," Bactrian "hibiscus" is the size of the cloud-covered Peak. Moreover, larGE cloud covered Peaks like great lonGEvity noodles Southeast and supine, Hsiao-Mont Summit very like apes face East and cultural relic copy Ltd.. Picture of thousands within the scenic area, all year round, the scenery chanGEs: spring ranGE upon ranGE of Emerald, Hai spent tide; summer Waterfalls, running Water, clouds hung in the balance; autumn Manshanbitou, leaves shine; winter, clad in silvery white, Yuzhuo ice. Set of "Tarzan of the majestic, Huashan danGErous, and beautiful Huangshan, Yandang of Wonderful" in one, Hui-Juan Xiu Jiangnan Jiangbei landscapes. Mengshan rich natural resources, breeds a vigorous cultural connotation, there have been kings, GEnerals, men of letters presence Mengshan, chanting Mengshan.Confucius "den Dongshan (mengshan, former known as Dongshan and Eastern Inner Mongolia) and the small", Li Bai, Du Fu "with the tour mengshan drunken sleep autumn total, hand in hand, to the horror GEnre, such as peer" Su tour mengshan poem said: "not to panic, Bohai suntime view cloud-covered leak Peter spring"; Ming dynasty text home made public Nai <。.></。.>

<蒙山赋>> Chant sigh Mengshan; Kangxi Emperor Dong You Mengshan left "horseshoe Tasui Qiong Yao Lu, cut off the top of Mount Meng Feng," The Psalms; Qianlong emperor's southern tour in the tour is Mengshan left "does not violate the Yao Shan Ling cover life, showing me poetry in Yufeng "and HYmns, as well as private allusions, spread too numerous to mention, Qin brick tiles and ancient temples, stele stone sculpture remains a lengtHY everywhere. .

Mengshan national forest park to natural resources for eco-tourism development for progressive theme, as a provincial and even national recreation, Fitness and recreational green tourist destination.

Yishan. .

Mount Taishan, used to be called East town, is an alias of yimeng mountain master, woodland area of 1587. .6 hectares, coveraGE of 73.1992 .7 percent were identified as national forest park.

China with its mountains, the saying of the points, but also the other five towns. Mount Tai Dong Yue, Yishan to Dong. Originally known as one of the main mountain town, "extremely larGE mountains from each state who think that their state of the town." Linqu Yishan in the south, both elevation 1031. .7 M in height, has more than 50 km across North and South, East and West more than 20 km, cover hundreds of square kilometers of pressure. Around the main Peak is known for around the stands with 29 different profile Peaks, it Lu in one place for the town of the. The ancients had called it "Wei Yi Mountain majesty, and Dai commensurate respect, the town of Oriental and Crafts table shows, the giant real Qi Dong town also."It has long been known as a "top-mount to mount the first, as the first of five towns" theory. Zuo "qi are empowered:" God-in-building days, Hill can be when we think about it. "As a result of watching live on Rocky Mountains, stands, overlap, the dense pine forest and mountains, shows, beautiful scenery, history in this set off, the temple, and ancestral tablet of the tree. Celebrity ink guest visit adore its majestic hills, leaving many verses in the subject, cultural monuments abound. When the leGEnd Joe Yu ming poem in praise of the saying: life's very famous, so den Cheok began. Wandering bear to go all day, like the Devil's rock spring pose health.

Chin-Feng Zhao Kuangyin first Yishan, the Song Conduit three years (AD 965) Yubei as far. LeGEnd Kuangyin Yishan and Later Zhou Dynasty GEnerals in Korea through fighting. Fortunately, God has Yishan help, Kuangyin only be overcome korea. Due to this, Kuangyin Chen Qiaobing chanGE rule as emperor, won the world after the establishment of the Song Dynasty, it was Dong-Qin Feng Yishan. Yishan Dong Lu in the mouth built in Kowloon East Zhenmiao that mark, and he would bring all the officials in person Ji Gao. Imperial is expected to rank as the Code, toGEther with Yishan majestic beauty, everyone celebrities, writers and poets, attracted to, sightseeing Go Sightseeing.Since then, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties continued the sacrifice, the town of Mount good.

Dong Beilin East Zhenmiao built in the Song Dynasty, when emperors seal Festival Yishan, always stand stele to Millennium; another celebrity scholars to tend to poems by Juan Millennium Monument. Leaving a larGE number of stele, outside of the hospital over the temple, such as Lin Cong Jinchu. To the late Qing Dynasty, Dong temple include size of the stele has been more than 360 parties formed a grand scale, imposing spectacular Dong Beilin. With imperial inscriptions, more than 40 buildings.Including Taizu Zhao Kuangyin Gan de three years Tablet; songrenzong Jing Yu Tablet; element into the world of iron Mu ears, two years later (in the year 1298) all letters of Mount for the King's Road, DongAn Mongolian text of the Tablet; during the three years (the a.d. 1370) Zhu Yuanzhang Chao letter "mount of Tablet; Kangxi wrote" the Bell "Reiki Tablet; Qianlong personally" Daito tablet With Yue ". Other Royal inscriptions, in addition to the local task is attached and divisions offering East town stay, monument is also the pseudonym of the stream, check out the rafters of Mount inscriptions. Four years as the Yongle (AD 1406) Expedition Annan Li Cang Ji Gao side of father and son guilty of monument; Song Book of the Ministry of Beihai Prefecture Zhongyan stone monument; Song Su stone monument rites; Chenfeng Wu Chin Chan Wing Ming Hongzhi's handwriting Cursive Yishan Poetry engravings. The author, the book Dan, try out the hands of celebrities, not only chronicles the feudal dynasties of incense ROC Dong event, also recorded at the time of military, political and natural disasters such as status, also praised Dong Qi and mountains, Water, beautiful great scenery, inscriptions fonts are, grass, scribe, seal, Script, Cursive have; engraved form, incised, Yang text, double hook and taste.East Town monuments is the precious cultural heritaGE, is the study of ancient Chinese society and politics, the economy, literature, calligrapHY and carving of precious information.

East Zhenmiao stele forest, surrounded by pines and cypresses, and ancient trees and pine forest of steles with shine, spectacular. Unfortunately, the Temple and Dong Beilin recent years a long time due to manaGEment failure to repair, but also by the wind and rain erosion, and wars destroyed and badly damaGEd. Especially the Japanese invasion, actually dismantled monument to mark the construction of the bridGE, Beilin devastated. In 1976, the government allocated special funds to carry out excavation on the Dong Beilin, inspection and repair. In the spring of 1999, has more than 100 buildings Felix Stone Tablet, a preliminary restoration of the stone tablet in the face. .

Baizhang East falls out of the forest of steles meandering West to the town, the "cold baizhang falls in June" the eight poems linqu, one of the greatest landscape — baizhang Waterfall. When the rainy season in June, along the "," shape junction go into valleys, rugGEd mountain road 1 km, first heard the voice, through the Valley, Cloudburst. Then before sunset, but see very steep-walled, high up on such as splitting. The top of the cliff baizhang, parliamentarians, raGE splashes, baizhang falls as a white practice fall 9 days. Visitors in anticipation of approximation, then fine, frosty, fell into the Water splashing against a rock, such as flying disintegrating tablets yinzhu. Cliff rock, such as seats, surrounded by steep gully dark, Evergreen Ning Han, snow often four in May are, of course, although the height of summer sun, bringing a sense of cold air hit bone also gives the "June cold" feeling. Cliff halfway, the original "Sin-off booths." Juan rock walls have written next recluse snow Mino Fuxi Meng (Jiajing 30 years Linqu magistrate, Puzhou people) toGEther, "Hill quiet your breath air, spring high knowledGE Road source." Nianshenrijiu Citing toGEther with the stone has been the impact of the crash cliff. The north side of a cliff, "Lu Zu-dong", the hole next to the crevice in the old pines - years pine. The cliff opposite, Juan has two characters, party over Trail husband. Baizhang falls under, is a jade river, upstream of the Wen River.There is not a Yan linqu Water, so there's fountain, since this surging into a grand view of the Waterfall, sigh. Baizhang falls, such as "Water from the sky", his poetic, literary history left a lot of poetry. Ming Minister Joe woo the mount Waterfall "cloud" Danya steep vast 300 feet, like white himself out. ".

Water is known for visitors to climb back on for about 2. .5 Miles, the whole Yishan main Peak - is known for, so named because of built Yuhuangmiao, elevation 1031. .7 Meters, standing majestically, magnificent, there are winding mountain road up to the Peak. Hiking distance, List of mountains, 10,000 volts, if Hill mountain, mirror-like reservoirs, rivers such as the band, appropriate sunset sunset glow, afterglow to reflect back, Looking to the Peaks, are Ningbi such as Dai, Wei is known for a cut above the painted an oranGE. Coupled with clouds shrouded, sunset stream fly to the sky, Peaks, river gully are fresh in their view that the "Yishan night Tsui access the cloud."Hills of rain, the mountain of cloud as the cover, it is "watching Dai Li, rain 1".

Temple east of the main Peak has an antique armchair type col. Here Qiu pine green, dense. .

The deep bamboo shade. Temples and outside there is a welcoming pine, pine, chestnut hold Beaulieu song Millennium vintaGE. Chestnut hold to a Folded on thick chestnut tree, a small pine trees grow, visitors alike. Rumor has it that in the Eastern Han dynasty, here there is a temple, a temple of Chung-Li, vintaGE-show, there have been a hundred monks, Buddha, statue, chenzhongmugu thousand. To the Yuan dynasty, the fire destroyed the temple. On the site of the ancient temple, only one tablet, become the witness of history. But gracious terRace and its branches with horns and circled flexion, indescribable. Around ten more pine, forming the moondown, awe-inspiring. Greenfield surging, birds rHYme melody, flowers and herbs, slope MAntani proFit. Crevice Quan-Yong, clean, Sweet. Night, moon song illuminates, the clear upper stone, but by the valleys charm. Temple Site Office, has been built brick red tiles of the Forest ManaGEment Division and visitors reception. Temple walls, the leakaGE ray springs, name "jade river." This is the Wen River flows through the source Baizhang Ya. .

Black air outlet from the temple to the North, about 500 metres, two wall abrupt as shimen, shimen, faces baizhang Valley. Here the chill wind farm name "black wind", the leGEnd for the black cyclone Li Kui "Yi ling killed four tiGErs". So far, this layer mountain barrier, the stranGE hills, wooded forest.

Double Gu Yishan Peaks, the only "double-Gu" is the most singularly danGErous. The so-called "double-Gu" is the "lion Gu" and "tilted Gu" and collectively. Located in the Northwest is known for, all because of shape and name. 2 Gu East-West confrontation, Qiao Feng pierce cloud table, Folding Xiuting Church. The middle of steep valley towering white clouds roll. Tilted northwest is known for Gu, different Peaks protruding cliffs on three sides, the only path to the south side of a twisting. Way, rock walls inscribed with four characters in Clerical Script "dead Penglai," as larGE as the Big Dipper. Risk while climbing along the trail, the more than one arch, Shek Mun, within the stone temple, the temple name "Oriental Height Palace", is the mother of the Office of Taishan worship. Hilltops wild elm hill wax, ebony bunch, shading blocks out the sun.Pik-Palace there is a stone on top of the mountain name at "Tianchi." The East side of the pool, there is a huGE cliff, hold out the body on the stone, known as the megalithic and Peak does not dovetail, the voice of Great Britain-name "exploration of the sea stone" sunshine in the morning got considerable sunrise in the East China Sea stone.

Lushan. .

Lushan mountain scenic area on the town pool belonging to boshan district. Lushan mountain altitude 1108. .5 meters, to the third Summit in Shandong province. Wooded hills, variety, many rare tree species for the country, being the expert called a natural botanical gArden. Lushan is the bird Kingdom here have a national one, two types of rare birds, such as gold statue, Mandarin Duck, Peregrine Falcon, Ring-necked Pheasant, etc. Pine trees, clouds, magnificent rock formations, streams, and in recent years, the Central Government has developed the Jingpo Lake, camel and Buddhist temple, her Palace, Wan Shi maze, Lushan forest park. Lushan combines singular and profound. If boarding send orders, to Lu Feng can very top of the mountain ranGEs, vast woodlands, days of big, to the wide, one of Wei, that thousands of your reverie, pride Ying Wai. Winding mountain road up to the Peak  Qiao Jiao Yin Zhan sticky sun adorned goblet  Luang Po Lake ! . .


Known as "sea mountain first" Laoshan is located in the Yellow Sea, the main Peak 1,133 m, which pull the sea standing mountain and ocean linked to risk of male mountain gorGE, Silk odd cloud. Since ancient times, known as the "fairy cave house," "ghost of the House." Qi also recorded in the "Taishan Although cloud height, as the East China Sea Lao Mountain" records. This former mountain boarding Qinhuang find Han sen, Tang emperor had sent into the mountains mixing drugs. Scholars in successive trips in the left. Western Han Dynasty, Taoism and then the transmission, Li Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing statecraft is not bad. Known as "Taoism second world-wide real jungle." Sheng, there were nine palaces, eight concept, 72 Temple.Taoist is famous, mountain stone stranGE holes, stream flow Waterfall. Cultural landscape and the natural landscape is reflected in the laoshan, 82 years been identified as one of the nation tourist attractions. Laoshan can be divided into the Central, southern, the lower line, its varying scenery.

South, along the old stone uphill National Tourism Resort, considerable Organization in, Xu Fu Island, Longtan Waterfall, Shangqing Palace, Ming Xia Dong and other attractions, both landscape wonders, there are incense rain, and the temple bell melodious. Can also listen to beautiful story. More Waterfall, can be described as moving in a static, static in action. The venue and unbearable. .

Zhong Road, North nine Water is the primary key of the tour at the Water line. Pedestrian spring river Rotary, Wade nine times, each time for a Water, known as nine Water. Water corrosion is urGEnt, the situation is different, or fine Water streams or danGErous rapids, or only if deep pools, Water has a stack of rock formations, I cannnot chuoyue, pine, Northwestern of more against the Water. North nine Water's most famous Waterfall, the tide to a few rainy season falls great splash as squamous cell, its acoustic wave, qifeng stone, Kwu Tung Shenjian, and indeed.

East, the Pacific House, Lion Peak, Huayansi line. . Along with the fish lying on stone, the type like fish, hand drum hit sound like fish. There Luo Yan Cave, 7 meters in width. . Height of 15 meters, can accommodate 100 people. Laoshan ancient times known as "God Cave Fairy House," "ghost of the House", is the spread of Taoism to land, began in the Han and Tang, Song and Yuan dynasties developed to its Peak, the history of the "Nine Squares 8 View 72 Om ", which is" all real world of Taoism second jungle. " Now the Organization in, Shangqing Palace, Ming Xia Dong, Pacific Palace, China Palace and other important floor activities and visit the Holy Land of Taoism.These constitute the laoshan unique tour content, making it a tourist sightseeing, Spa, resort rehabilitation and recuperation and patriotic education of science and culture, an ideal place for activities.

Qingdao Laoshan scenic area known as "sea mountain first" known, in 1982 the Chinese State Council published the first validation of the national scenic area, located south of Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao urban northeast, near the Yellow Sea. Laoshan scenic area belongs to temperate maritime climate with an averaGE annual temperature of 12. .6 ℃, annual precipitation 940-1073. .7 Mm, is the most humid areas of Qingdao city. .

Scenic area by the Kyoho, stream, the supernatant, too, chessboard, back orifice, North nine Water, China, Tang Ying nine scenic area and in shazikou, wangGEzhuang, xiazhuang beizhai, lucky town five landscape recovery area and the outer edGE of the sea in the scenic attractions of three parts, with attractions, more than 220, Round Hill 87. .5 km coastline. The scenic area of 446 square kilometers, of which the scenery scenic area of 161 km². Mountain Peak, elevation for the Kyoho 1133 m, is a Chinese 18000 km coastline. Mountain state to Kyoho as the center, to the northeast, east, southeast, south and west direction of the five branches of radiology, eastern and southern steep, north-west rolling to mountain and sea connected Lan light Huiming, mountainous mountainous, rugGEd rock formations, Shen Jian valley, sea Xianju, Piao Miao Gimhae, constitute the text of Laoshan deep and vast, mysterious and varied natural beauty. Laoshan Mountains formed during the Yanshan oroGEny, is a granite landscape, the mountain takes the shape of vertical joints and development, spherical weathering apparent Peak stands, several overlapping Peaks, Shen Jian valley, Qifengyishi, the "natural sculpture park," said.Heart Sutra of mountains and frinGE, headland, reef and shoal Bay stagGEred distribution, forming a magnificent sea. Laoshan has been hailed as the "God of cave House Fairy" and "supernatural House" is the spread of Taoism, began in the Han and Tang dynasties, song and Yuan dynasties to heyday, history concept "the figure of eight 72 OM", "Taoist World second jungle." Now the Taiqing Palace, 明霞, cave, Justice Palace, Palace, Wah House is important Taoist Holy Land activities and sightseeing. These constitute a unique tour of the Laoshan scenic content, making it a tourist, rest in convalescence and rehabilitation and to carry out scientific and cultural holiday, patriotic education activities in the ideal place. .

Ticket price: stream, too, back orifice area fares $ 30; North nine Water, floor area tickets $ 15. Tickets $ 10 Taiqing, Palace, 明霞 cave, Justice of the Palace tickets for $ 4.



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